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The Training Scheme allows us to recruit and train the highest calibre within the partner companies to ensure they have well rounded training across the businesses, not "pigeon holed” too early and are able to make informed choices about their career, to capitalise on the ideas and enthusiasm that they bring to the programme.

You will complete a two year programme covering all aspects of our business with responsibility and accountability in all roles. Each module has been designed to give you a real understanding of the department. Your career goals and aspirations are tailored along the course to keep you on track for your end goal .Together with HR you will develop your bespoke modules, you will own your personal development plan which will evolve with the help of your mentors and other people within your support network.

Director Review: each trainee`s progress and achievements will be reviewed towards the end of the programme Opportunities , long term career goals and further development to be discussed and agreed

What are we looking for?

  • Good Communicator with analytical & mathematical skills.
  • Attention to detail and an appetitte for problem solving.
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work on your own initiative.
  • Ability to manage a demanding work load and work under pressure.
  • Dedication and loyalty.

Who are we?

Alomora Group provides management services to the following companies:

Wellpak UK Ltd

Wellpak’s customers are the multiple retailers, the convenience, symbol and cash and carry sectors, food processors and food service. Wellpak is built around six product categories: Berries, Exotic Vegetables and Legumes, Grapes, Exotic Fruit, Salads and a seventh, Wellpak Complement that will source any product by agreement and arrangement to support the customer’s product range.

Elision UK Ltd

Elision UK was established in 2014 and became operational in January 2015 to provide specialist contract packing of fresh produce for growers, retailers, convenience retailers, food service and the cash and carry sector

Ackio UK Ltd

Ackio UK was established in 2011 as a specialist, highly automated fruit packer of blueberries, cherries, cranberries and cherry tomatoes


We are currently recruiting for a dynamic individual to join the scheme- to apply please email with your current cv quoting AMTS and an application pack will be sent to you.

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Testimonials from our current Trainees

Daniela Ivanova

"The Management Trainee Scheme is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is driven for a challenge and ambition. I began the scheme in January 2015 with my first module Sales. I had the chance to speak to key customers and to gather information about products and prices. Following the sales module I joined the planning team at Wellpak’s sister company; Elision. Throughout this section, the operational side of the company became clear of how it functions, tasks included: scheduling jobs, checking job and liaising with Elision’s customers were challenges in itself. However, it is interesting to see how the operational and the commercial side link together. My current module is Procurement, and this particular module has to be my favourite one so far. I like communicating with international suppliers, and building up my confidence with buying products and keeping up to date with stock levels. I also found this module challenging when stock levels are short and is tough sourcing products that suppliers are also short of, but then again customer orders have to be fulfilled. I like a tough challenge as this enables me to break into the world of business during my time in training. I have also had the opportunity to work on the actuality of problems in procurement on my own and working out a salutation during that time and at the end, in order to provide professional communication and results with customers and suppliers. On a whole, being on the management trainee scheme, Wellpak provide you with challenges, business knowledge and self-confidence in order to gain the best possible experience for you chosen future career."

Francis Bayliss

"So far on my management course I have worked in a number of areas, planning, production, warehouse and procurement, I feel the course has boosted my confidence as an individual, I have learnt to be much more professional with my approach to various situations and taught me to work independently, all of which are qualities required to be a successful and efficient employee within any workplace. The course has had a range of departments all very different in the ethics and workings of the roles, but all play a massive part with each other, personally I feel that planning is the area I am best at, with the length of time I have had there on my own which has taught me to learn everything myself and work the department how I feel it works best, I was not enjoying the idea of doing procurement as the job I felt was well out of my comfort zone, but after getting stuck in and having to do the work myself I have thoroughly enjoyed procurement and found it a challenging job to further improve my skills and knowledge, it has shown me that even if a job is out of my comfort zone, it will drive you to work harder. The module I enjoyed the most as it is best suited to me as a person was warehouse, you are constantly on the move physically doing things yourself but as well as that computer based work with attention to detail being key. The general workings of this department were easiest for me to pick up during my time on the course. With only Sales and contracts to go on the course as it stands right now I would see myself pursuing an operations role with it being an up on your feet job with it opening plenty of doors for the future. Which at the start of the course was the module I was most looking forward to, and on reflection I have no regrets about taking up this opportunity as it has taught me to grow up and mature myself as an individual as well as an employee which has given me the confidence to drive on hopefully up the ranks in the future with in the company. "

Ackio UK Ltd.
Millennium Way, Vale Business Park
Evesham, Worcester, WR11 1GR