• Punnet scroll de-nesting and sealing provides rapid punnet size changes, creating greater flexibility to changes in market and trading conditions. MORE
  • High speed air pressure based system tests for softness without damaging integrity. MORE
  • 360 degree 'vision' based inspection of fruit. MORE
  • Fully automated packing lines. MORE
  • Fruit can be packed from loose or pre-packed. MORE
  • 100M unit output capacity per annum
  • Ackio's development is underpinned by a programme of continual investment in new technology and techniques.


  • Pack size changes within a short lead time gives flexibility around weight and price point
  • Additional packing options such as 50% extra free
  • Heat seal packs - no taping or popping
  • Pre-printed film - increased efficiencies and cost savings
  • No physical touching or hand-rolling - critical at the end of the season
  • Identifies internal and external defects - over-ripe, disease, shrivel or decay
  • Utilising colour sorting and soft sorting capabilities
  • No vertical drops to minimise fruit damage
  • Removes 'human' subjectivity ('cherry eye')
  • Packed from loose in seconds



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